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Nov 2, 2012 5:00pm PDT
a break because of mecca storm sandy. election day is just now ffour days away. with arizona grant lotus breaks down the maps and shows us how states are being projected to vote. >> here are some of these states that are still up for grabs. florida, colorado you can see on the maps. take a look of how close it is from cnn and in ohio. perhaps the most important swing state. with 50% to commit robberies 40%. just two percentage points ahead. and you can see the same in florida with a huge state. president obama with just a one percentage lead and look at new hampshire. it from the 47%. and i was, six percentage points. and in iowa--6 percentage points. and president obama is leading in these states but it is also in mayor margin of error. he is still however within striking distance. check out this superstore sandy forced both candidates to alter their campaign schedule, big time this week. on facebook, we are asking you what impact do think sandy will have on the election. join the conversation. we will be reading comments on air later in the show. >> off we will have continuing coverage
Oct 29, 2012 5:00pm PDT
with eight days until the election. they have shifted their focus from the campaign trail to the store. >> the beauty of being a president and canted it is that one of monster storm you can run over to the federal emergency management agency and be seen s the president of the job. that works also if you are replying. >> it is important for us to respond fast and big. then he canceled the campaign to colorado. a swing state but far beyond the reach of hurricane sandy. several people say that he needs to stay home and monitor things. the president and a contender, but mitt romney canceled appearances in the swing state of virginia. what these will mean the for the election and even the course of master political minds. >> with unfettered access to the polls because we believe that more people will come out. >> that brings us to the man from the right and they are not in power in the cannot do much. with the mitt romney-paul ryan ticket. >> i think that some people are more risk and our thoughts and prayers are with them. >> and the itinerary could also change. some tricky schedules could
Nov 1, 2012 5:00pm PDT
and passengers for able to make it back safely. this super storm making an impact on the presidential election. this was toward the damage yesterday. it is raising new questions about global warming and climate changing. and perhaps all, could get a surprising endorsement from a high- profile mayor. we will have more on that, later on stay with kron 4 as we continue the fall of the aftermath of super storm sandy. >> now, the arsonist search after the public and the boss after the world series. maureen kelly. >> san francisco police to barbara once this video that allegedly show us these two suspects-to want this-video san francisco police department. they want this to become viral they already have gotten a flurry of activity on facebook. >> that has provided the police would additional leads they are being pursued by investigators. social media has helped with the department before it could not take for list picture it did not take long for this to stir outrage on the internet. and less than 24 hours there was an anonymous tip with the arrest of grief gra gregory--granice.. they are asking an
Oct 26, 2012 5:00pm PDT
coverage on election night. you could also step up betted on our web site along with our facebook and twitter pay eacpage. teachikitwith >> he suffered rib and hip contusions. there were six of vehicles involved including two police officers cars. >> the mother of the children said that she came home to find her 2 year-old son and six year-old daughter staff to death and the bathtub. the nanny was found nearby and vichy turn the blade or herself. the nanny is now on police watch a local po--chich processe chichpolice watch. >> thei i ifcc youu stated that there was no winner and this is the yea i c u stated tht last armstrong will have also returned the money that he won. >> the surface has a bigger screen at 10.6 in. and it is bigger than the ipad. the screen is great and microsoft uses a lot of technology to make this. this is a thinner and less reflective display. the surface rain beats the by padipad. it runs on the new windows 8 operating system. the home screen is based on these live tiles. if you have a stock market how you will see its updating the same will be for your e
Oct 31, 2012 5:00pm PDT
election. even as they turned their attention towards the storm the politics were not that far away. >> president obama cancelling official stops on the campaign trail. however this was a stop at the red cross. >> we are with you and would do anything with you to do everything we can do to give you back on your feet. >> this is amazing imagery a invaluable, the president on the case in the situation room. medtronic called off his event but stayed in ohio. with his mother. inviting reporters to watch them back food for hurricane dictum. >> we of heavy hearts. >> is this certainly looks like a campaign rally he has restricted his remarks only to the storm. to many people say that the storm goes on. >> this working relief and wisconsin paul ryan another battleground state. the vice president spoke to people in ohio. >> i've never seen a guy so focused there is nothing about the power of incumbency but the power of politics can be complicated. an example is that one of these persons is one of the most influential supporters of mitt romney. now he is seeking praise. >> i was on the phone
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5